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Atmosphere Lamp/Light

Simple and atmospheric product shape and excellent product quality
2, specially designed screen display, you can intuitively view the current time, real-time weather status, device networking status, etc.
3, soft warm yellow night light, to help you light up the environment in the dark
4, 9 kinds of ambient lighting effects, light color, brightness, and change speed can be customized with APP settings
5, two sets of an independent alarm clocks, you can adjust the repeat cycle according to the working day and rest day at will
6, soft light and natural sound music to accompany sleep, sleep with the end of the music and lights can be automatically turned off
7, Bluetooth speaker function, one key Bluetooth pairing, what you want to listen to what
8, support 12 and 24 hours system, 12 hours display with AM / PM indicator
9, network calibration, automatic support for time zones, and daylight saving time
10, support voice and APP control alarm clock, sleep with and lights


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